honestly happy

So I’ve seen this floating around Facebook and figured I’d give it a listen. I think maybe we all have dream jobs for our next life (I drift from retail designer to typographer to architect), but sometimes I can’t believe how happy I am in the career path I chose. I absolutely love to write. I want to write headlines and body copy and kids books and non-fiction essays (and for fun I write poems that rhyme).

One day, in my younger youth, I wanted to be an teacher. From first grade all the way through my freshman year of college I thought I had it all figured out. And then, I feel like luckily for me, life pushed me out of school for a few years. And through those years I realized teaching was not what I really wanted. So when life pushed me back to school, I picked what I really wanted. And there are so many days when I am so happy about what I chose I am so thankful I never had the chance to finish school in my younger years.

I love writing. Although, to be completely honest, if I could do absolutely anything without money being an issue, I’d prefer to be writing from my mid-century beach house with a surf board propped up outside my office. (I make up for this small formailty by eating New York food to my stomach’s content.)


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