hey, photographer, it’s cold outside.


Sometimes you’re lucky, and your rad cousin happens to be a photographer, who also happens to be pretty rad at wedding photography. Sometimes the only weekend day he can come do the pictures is the weekend it happens to be freezing temperatures. And sometimes you have perfectionist issues lofty goals before you actually go outside and you think everyone can handle below freezing temperatures without coats on, just this one time.

So you go outside and your face freezes in a smile-esque position, your eyes won’t stop watering, your older son is smiling through almost purple lips, and your younger son has concluded that smiling is not to be used for times when the temperature is 24ΒΊ and windy and your mom takes your coat away.

So thank you to my sister Jenn who played taxi all day so that the little boys had somewhere warm to sit while they weren’t in photos. And thank you to Isaac who shoved us last minute into his busy schedule (he seriously did our photoshoot, drove straight to the airport, and flew back to Utah to do another photoshoot – and don’t think I didn’t notice he was up until like 3 am the night before prepping for our shoot).

And thank you to the three other boys who dealt with having their pictures taken in the cold. All day. (Especially the bigger boy who had to listen to me say, “look at me… walk slower… smile… look at me… stop talking… smile…” for hours.)

If you want to see more of the awesome pictures that resulted (including an awesome picture-turned-gif), check out Isaac’s website. (Note how the first shots are no coats, and the last shots are coats, scarfs and gloves…)


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