totally true story.

Here was our conversation tonight at dinner…

Tyler: Love me some rotton cabbage (aka, kimchi).

Mason: That is gross.

Me: Well, kimchi is actually sort of like cheese, it’s just old.

Milo: They put cheese in the ground?

Me: Well, not really, but it is old milk.

Milo: Do you know what else they make from milk? Butter. One time I went on a class trip and we made butter and then they gave us pretzels to eat it with.

Tyler: Really? That’s pretty cool.

Milo: I want a baby sister.


Seriously, exactly like that. Oh, and I’m engaged, for any of you that don’t know Facebook me. It’s pretty cool. All except for the planning the wedding part. So we moved the date closer so that we have less time to plan. Just like a bandaid…

(also, for the record, my response to Milo was that he better start looking for one then)

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