road trip


In the last four days I went from New York to Maine to New Hampshire to Rhode Island to New York (with a drive-through of Boston and Connecticut, of course). It was freeeezing cold, and a few things were closed for the season/holiday, but it was a lot of fun still. It’s just great to get around and see different areas. Being to Boston a few times I think I grouped all those not-newyork-cities to be about the same. And they weren’t (not that I dislike Boston at all).

Portland had a crap-ton of antique places. Had I not been traveling with an adult boy and two half-adult boys, I probably could have spent the entire trip checking them out. Portsmouth made me re-think my judgment of small towns – I really liked it there. And I definetly want to take a trip back to Providence some time. We stopped there for dinner, and I found my new favorite obsession restaurant for their coal-fired wings alone. They were so good… I could have eaten them all night. I seriously considered ordering a bunch to drive back home and salvage for meals to come. I very much plan to find a recipe online to try making them (and perhaps talking a certain someone into cooking them outside on the grill).

And I am heavily thankful to Nintendo DS. You may rot brains, but you sure know how to keep two boys from fighting in the back seat.


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