how we survived

First, I bought candles and water. Then I tried to remember how to use the stove (since my sister might be caught in the storm and unable to come fix us dinner).

Then we sort of celebrated when they cancelled school Monday and told everyone at my office to work from home. And we kept everything fully charged preparing for the electricity to go out. And Mason kept the curtains closed in case any glass broke in the storm. Then they just kept cancelling things. In the end, it was a whole week of doing nothing and going no where far (since the subways were mostly still down).

We wore pj’s all day, had lots of yummy breakfasts together, and played about every board game we own. The highlight of the week was when Milo’s friend Leila came to visit when her mom had to go back to work. Here are a few key moments of the day:

“Milo, sometimes I wonder how you dress yourself.”

“Remember when we weren’t really friends and you wouldn’t talk to me and then one day I gave you a piece of my seaweed and you let me play your DS and that was it.”

“Stop licking my ear!”


Every day I see pictures or articles or things that remind me of the storm we magically survived without any lost power, waiting in (seriously 10 hour) gas lines, or any real problems at all. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never lived somewhere that’s been hit by a natural disaster, and my eyes have been opened. We honestly were so lucky, and it still amazes me that only a 30 minute drive from my house and there are houses that burned down from gas leaks, people still without power (in freezing temperatures), and destruction so bad people I work with had their buildings condemned. It’s also amazing to see how quickly people everywhere were ready to help out. Every weekend, at least, people from church have bussed down to do clean up work on houses. And there have been coat drives and fundraisers everywhere I go. I don’t wish these horrible situations on anyone, but wow, it’s humbling to think about what you need and don’t need sometimes.


I still love NY, one of many things that have been done to raise money for victims.


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