the uniform

I had a converstation the other day about go-to clothing choices. I never really thought I had outfit “thing,” but after the conversation I realized how much I love to wear cardigans. Something about the layering I guess. But even better than that, I realized that I would wear a button-up with a cardigan every day (if I could do it without someone grouping my style with Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs).

Lucky for me, this season I found a new favorite thing to wear over my shirts: the slouchy sweater.



It all started with a sample sale a few weeks ago, and it has spiraled from there (most recently to here). And for some reason shirts with half the buttons. Because life just may be too short to button more.

This is my favorite right now. From Joe Fresh.


Am I the only one that has random clothing obsessions?



One thought on “the uniform

  1. Oh man, I love cardigans. I wear them almost every day. I like that slouchy sweater though – maybe I’ll need to try that out.

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