word choice

Today I was looking on Fab and out came “look at those cute ties!” My coworker laughed at me and then responded (in a British accent, so you can really know how I heard it), “bunnies are cute, ties… ties aren’t cute, mate.”

I guess I have an issue with the cute word. It just comes out for anything. I’ve been told several times that my boys use the word too much. I guess I need to manly it up. I’ll start saying things are rad more.

Speaking of word choices, this post made me laugh.

And speaking of rad clothing, I would like to use some spending money here.Β See, what’s better than buying totally bodacious clothing? Having a portion of that purchase donated to a wicked awesome charity.

If you’re really wanting to see the cute ties, those are here. Could someone please tell me how to wear a bowtie properly? My son has been asking for one for months now.

One thought on “word choice

  1. i hate when you have so many links – i’m innately too lazy to follow them all, but i really want to see what you are talking about. and i want to see both of your boys in bowties.

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