milo turns eight. it’s kind of special.

I did it! Survived a week with two sets of grandparents, a full day being tour guide, shopping for presents at Target with Milo without Milo knowing, and pulling off a baptism without forgetting anything (except to take pictures). Luckily others around me took a few, so the memories aren’t completely lost, they just aren’t in my possession currently. And luckily number two, I took my favorite picture of the day.


This is a picture of the child who:

-Trips on a daily basis.
-Chose to go to a spy museum for his birthday.
-Wears two different sneakers at the same time.
-Could eat sushi every day.
-Loves elephants and cheetahs, and will randomly pull out facts about horseshoe crabs and albino black bears to share.
-Informed the lady cutting his hair at SuperCuts that she should make sure her grandson eats veggies and not too much candy.
-Just spent $8 of his own money to buy a Goosebumps box set.
-Told me he wanted a bow tie, but no one would buy them for him this summer.

Happy birthday Milo!

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