one blink and it’s fall

At the end of June I counted down the days until the boys flew off to UtahΒ for the summer. Then it seemed like before I knew it I was counting the days I had left until they were back. Inbetween the counting we both did a few things [that were way more fun than blogging]. Since most people care to see vacation photos almost about as much as I enjoy sorting through them, here’s a wrapup.

4th of July fireworks over the Charles River


Relaxing with Ms. Sock (and Jenn) in the Dominican Republic


Fishing for Fluke off Long Island


Lobster for every meal in Cape Cod


And while I was enjoying my child-free summer, the boys were having an adventurous summer of their own.

Second time flying alone


Hanging out with the Batmobile


Checking out the sand in Hawaii


Surfing at Utah Lake


Karaoke in Washington


And then summer break was officially over.


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