I already know how to sleep in on the weekend, but there might still be more to learn from this book.


What would it be like to live in NY but not feel like you’re living in NY? Oh, one day…


Yesterday was Fashion Night Out. I’m still not quite sure what that means, but I’m pretending to. What it meant to me was too many people by my work (and some wishes that I could have wandered around for a bit after work).


Also, this popped up last weekend. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a place that has boutique type shops and food truck food all stationary for my lunch enjoyment. Yesterday I had my first taste of crack pie. It was pretty sugary, but not gonna lie, it was delicious.


So now I really, really, want to buy this.


And this. Although I have no idea what it actually is.


I also can’t get enough of Duffy’s voice right now. And this song (thank you Spotify).


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