ever onward!

So, I’ve been following the blog Hello Sandwich for some time now. And in all honesty, I just want to move to Japan and start decorating everything I see with mt tape. I guess it helps that the girl who writes the blog, Ebony Bizys, used to be the Deputy Art Director at VOGUE Living – so she sort of maybe knows how to make things look good. But her outlook on living in Japan sounds so exciting. Also, she makes the cutest things out of tape (and recycles so much, it’s awesome).

I think maybe deep down it’s more that outlook of fufilling her dreams that I really want. I guess it doesn’t have to be Japan, but really, I just want to live out of the country for some time. Not just a vacation. I want to know what it’s like to work there, buy groceries, and entertain myself on the weekends.

Probably why I have also been in love with Oh Happy Day for the past year as well. I mean, they moved to Paris with two kids, and while there made the most of it by traveling around Europe (and living within looking distance of the Eiffel Tower!)

Well, I made it to New York (and I still love everything about it). And my boys seems to be doing well with the adventure I brought them on. So, next stop: somewhere across an ocean!


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