mason’s solo singing debut


In January Mason asked if he could try out for the school chorus. I figured if he’s into something like that on his own, I’m all for it. Then he came home one day a couple months ago and told me he didn’t like chorus anymore and he didn’t want to go. HIs reasoning? His teacher gave him a solo and he didn’t want to sing it. 

So I guess there comes a time in every motherhood career where you have to make a choice… Teach them that giving up is a great option (thereby ruining their future) or force them to hate something they once loved (thereby ruining their future). I figured this was the time to choose the latter.

Turned out to be the right choice. With enough practice he was over his fear of messing up in front of his peers (and what I think might be a new girlfriend). So here it goes. Just disregard the fact that he’s the only kid wearing a blue t-shirt (it wasn’t at all because his mom briefly skimmed the chior performace paper and failed to notice the attire was white shirts and black pants).

This isn’t nearly as good, because Mason isn’t the star – but I figured I’d put a few more up for fun. Although my arm was too lazy to record the entire (almost hour an a half!) long performance, it should be noted that there is some amazing talent at this school. They had piano solos, violins, clarinets… one kid even sang adele while playing the piano. 



One thought on “mason’s solo singing debut

  1. Mason-you should be on America’s Got Talent-and you really stand out in your blue shirt-you can’t be missed in it!

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