kids for kids


My kids don’t usually get to into fundraising at school. Probably because I don’t usually get to into it. But there’s something about the St. Jude’s special I watched on tv once that’s always going to stick with me. Maybe, probably, because I watched it with Erik and it was all about a little boy who had cancer.

So I gave a tiny little push and explained what the fundraiser was for. Both boys decided they wanted to sign up and raise money.

Then Milo added $45.61 of his own money.

I asked him if he was sure he wanted to give that much, since it’s about half his itouch savings. He looked at me, then he asked, “Well, if I pay this money where is it going to?” I confirmed that it was for the kids that were sick and he just shrugged his shoulders and said yes, that’s how much he wanted to give.

Sometimes you hope you’re teaching your kids the right things, that you’re setting an example they’ll catch on to. Then you realize their stubborness and sarcasm is coming from you. But every once in a while they pick up on the good things too.

And in case you missed out on the little emails they sent out to people, here are the links to donate and help out St. Jude’s Hospital:


One thought on “kids for kids

  1. you are a good person. so are your kids. i’m also slightly offended that i didn’t get an email from mason or milo. apparently they decided to shun me.

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