then this one time, i forgot everything, all the time.

It’s fairly normal for me to send out a) late Christmas cards, or b) no Christmas cards. I know it shouldn’t matter, but I really like Christmas cards. I like sending them, I like receiving them, I’m not altogether sure why. I think I just like traditions in general, and I have fun trying to keep them (like that one time I threw a semi-tantrum because I had forgotten to buy a box of Lucky Charms for Mason and Milo for St. Patricks Day… What in the world would the green leprechaun footprints lead to?! And yes, I ended up at Wal-mart at 2:00 am). 

So this year, or rather last year, my busy unplanned schedule led me to choose option b, no Christmas cards. Then for a brief moment while I was visiting family and friends in Utah I had the great idea to make New Year’s cards to send out. I made them, I printed them, I packed them up to bring back home. All I needed to do was buy envelopes for them. Then the first weekend back I had to work from home = no time to buy envelopes. Then the second weekend I fought my way through the Saturday madness at three stores, only to realize the envelope size I needed thought it was funny to hide from me. In frustration, and realizing it was now two full weeks after New Years, I figured my cunning crafty plan was a bust. 

And then I made them into Valentine’s cards instead. Only this time, I decided to be smart, save my frustration, and show off my skills (and super cute kids, of course) to only my internet stalkers. 

So here it is, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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