heart day

While I may express a more-than-occasional gagging face at anyone who subjects me to their public kissing or phone picture of flower deliveries to their work, I do, deep down, have a tiny spot for Valentine’s Day. So to honor that tiny, sometimes random, spot; here are some of my non-people loves.


There are few movies I would gladly watch multiple times. This is one of them.

This song makes me happy from the first note I hear. Even if I can’t understand most of what is being said.


I will admit, it’s a pretty strong tie between creme brulee and bread pudding in my book… but last week my sister found a crockpot bread pudding recipe that has apples and craisins, and yep, I’m pretty much in love with it.


I’m not sure there is a worldly thing I love more than feeling sand in my toes, smelling the salty ocean, and beingย subjected to a bright summer sun.


And to conclude, the funniest Valentine picture I’ve seen lately.


One thought on “heart day

  1. this list is great. and i did start to watch Lars last night. brian was kind of weirded out by it, but we were only the first 30 minutes in before he fell asleep.

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