cooky for cuckoo clocks

I have this thing for cuckoo clocks. Once I wrote about my dream to own a cuckoo clock. A dream I still need to fulfill.

But in all my searchings and wantings on the internet, I have found myself in another cuckoo clock dream. Enter Progetti, an Italian design company that seems to have a knack for creating spectacularly fabuloulosly designed clocks (many of which include small birds) that I wish I could have.

What first caught my eye was the double cuckoo clock.


But then I looked around a found a few more I could find myself enjoying as well.


How funny is this one? The imprisoned tweeter has escaped!


And dare you think Progetti makes clocks for only cuckoo lovers, I also found this random option. I can’t decide if I’d love that it’s weird, or be annoyed that I couldn’t ever figure out the time on it.


So I guess now I just need a place to save up for my future clock[s]…


p.s. Every time I see Progetti I want to say pierogi.


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