random child happenings

Random #1: Mason is a future GoogleX employee. After taking a shower tonight Mason announced that he wants to invent two things. First, a wireless phone charger. Second, wireless headphones to connect to the iPhone (that can also tell you what song you’re listening to). Yesterday he told me he didn’t understand why they made Siri for the iPhone but haven’t put the technology (A5 chip) into the iTouch yet. I don’t even know what the A5 chip means, why does my 9-year old son?

Also, he sent this email to his grandmothers:


Random #2: Halloween has come and gone. And although I feel like it’s been a while, I then remember my kids still have Halloween candy that they are begging me to eat each day.


I guess that means I still have more time to sneak a few bites of my own. Speaking of sneaky candy, this video is great. The end is the best.


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