i miss you, new york

I recently started a freelance job in New Jersey. Which means I have also started commuting to New Jersey, and this is my route.


Notice that the route is along highways, not train stations. So I basically walk a block to my car, drive, then walk through a small parking lot to work. While driving brings my commute to about an hour and a half (vs. the two+ hour commute by train), it has also made me miss things. So I decided to compile a list to commemorate.

Things I miss:


-Reading books on the train

-Peering at trash piles to find hidden furniture treasures.

-Complete strangers falling asleep on my shoulder.

-Scanning my train pass wrong and walking full speed into the locked turnstyle.

-My stereo face (although I have learned my cupholder projects the iPod sound so well I almost forget my stereo was stolen)

Also, I was really looking forward to having an excuse to buy some of these this winter.


How cute are those? I’m in love. Without even needing them, I want some. I also found these and these on Etsy. Hmmmm…Christmas time…


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