i’m a bookie

When I was younger my mom always bought us hardbound picture books for Easter and Christmas, and occasionally birthdays or other random holidays. I have always loved picture books. I can remember the exact spot in my elementary school library that had all the classic fairy tales as picture books. When I take my kids to the book store I always hope that my younger one will still want to look at the new books coming out. They normally get sidetracked by the books that look more like toys, and my older son heads towards the chapter books. But last time we went, towards the end they both made me proud. And I found some lovely books.

I think my favorite book was The Spider and the Fly (chosen by Milo). The poem was written in the 1800’s, but has recently been illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. The illustrations are amazing and go along perfect with the poem. I’ve never been so in love with the wardrobe of a fly before!


Mason picked Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity. For some reason the Knufle Bunny books have never appealed to me, and so I have never taken one off the shelf. But I will have to say, I really liked how they put illustrated characters in real world photos. The best part of the Knuffle Bunny Too was that it was set at a school in Manhattan. My kids thought it was so cool to see another NY school in the pictures.


And last but not least, is a book I’ll probably be asking Santa for: Press Here.ย It’s like they took a book and somehow animated it, but without animating it. You’ll just have to take a look for yourself by pressing here (and by here, I mean up at the link).


On a completely related sidenote, I am so in love with this book.ย Really, the character is just so likeable and looking for such a big idea. And I’m always pulled in by books that rhyme. They just add happiness.


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