furniture attainment #2

We finally got a kitchen table! Which does mean that our old table had to be retired.


It also means that homework, computer work and any other family gathering time can be done somewhere besides my bed.

But don’t worry. We haven’t replaced all our treasured furniture yet. I still have a great nightstand next to my mattress (thank you Ikea for still being out of queen size slats).


As for our other furnituresque adventures,Β what started as houses for a single stuffed animal (using the cardboard that our futon came in) turned into something slightly bigger…


So yes, I’ve been keeping the kids busy. Other than building random things out of cardboard, they’ve been doing the school/homework thing. And there’s a huge playground behind their school, so they either beg me to go there or the library almost every day after school. And someday soon (fingers crossed) Milo will stop asking why we “have to walk everywhere.”


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