nestly nesty nest

I was out in the city the other night with my kids and we happened upon a store that had all sorts of randoms, including these:


I really wanted them, but it seems so impractical given the fact that I a) have measuring cups, and b) I have a tiny kitchen.

Although I have given my measuring quandary a rest, I have decided to shift my focus to other equally important issues: nesting dolls. I am so in love with them right now. I have traded wanting the M-Cups to staying on the lookout for that perfect purchase to satisfy my nesting doll needs.

So far I’ve found these by the Swedish Illustrator, Ingela P Arrhenius. I love all her stuff, but these are so cute (and nestable).


I also came across this, which is of no purchase use to me, but I enjoy it.


Someday soon I hope to find something nesty to have and to hold, but until then, the search continues. Maybe I’ll find them the same day I come across that cuckoo clock I’ve always wanted.

Or if you’re exceptionally shopper-savvy, maybe you can help me out…wink, wink.

PS: If you like the nesting doll measuring cups, there’s more fun stuff here. Or you can purchase them here.


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