light the night

A friend of mine (who in reality I have never met, but she has so many similarities to me she can’t be anything but a friend) is doing the Light the Night Walk this year. This year she lost her husband to Leukemia, and has now found herself a single mom with boys (only she has three). 

Last year I did the Light the Night with the Rudy’s, but this year I am miles away. But I decided I can still be just as helpful. 

The walk is to raise money for all blood cancers, and is sponsered by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Amy is doing the walk this weekend, and her goal is almost there. Even if you just want to contribute something small, everything goes toward a good cause! 

You can find the link on her blog, or here’s the direct link to the page: Light the Night

I know the funds don’t go to Amy specifically, but from doing this last year, it’s just nice to know people care to help. It’s just a few clicks away…



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