i am as smart as a fourth grader

In April I adorned a cap and gown, sat through boring speaches, and walked across the stage in an auditorium. Last month I completed my last paper, wrapped up my internship, and received an email telling my my diploma was in the mail. And I thought, no more homework! I may never have summers off, and I may never be able to take naps in class anymore – but it’s worth it to come home and never have to write another useless paper about a subject I detest.

Then last week Mason and Milo started school.

And last night Mason was up until 10:00 finishing a paper about his polygon monster. We followed the assignment sheet, read the grading rubric, and made an outline for an A paper. Then we organized the outline and wrote the story. Creative, organized, and with 10 references and definitions of math terms.

I realized that not only am I stuck doing fourth and first grade homework every afternoon, I will be doing homework for the next decade. I think my brain cried a little last night.


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