hello new york, i’m happy to have found you

I used to wander around Manhattan completely lost and enjoying it. Since my time living in the city I learned how to get around, and which train car dropped me closest to the exit stairs during my morning work commute. Most of the time I rely on a combination of phone apps and mapping addresses to find where I’m going, but I am begining to pride myself in not feeling completly turned around as I exit subways, and knowing which buses can take be places now that I live in Queens.

So I now I wander around, not lost, and pass by people looking down at maps, up at street signs, and then back down at maps. And I always want to help them. The problem is, whild I don’t typically find myself lost all that often, it’s mostly because I’ve learned to plan where I’m going before I leave the house. And while I remember that Lexington is on the East side, and Penn Station is at 34th, I’m always worried someone will ask me something I don’t know but secretly happy when someone assumes I’m a local and asks me for directions.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my boys and me officially moved to New York. Hopefully one day soon I will be confident enough to ask if someone needs help.




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