the first stage: love

Maybe I’ve actually found that place that some people still only dream of, and others never seem to obtain, but I have fallen in love with my career life.

Like head over heels in love.

There was a time, years ago, when I considered the account side of advertising. Before that, it was graphic design, then interior design (with a brief dose of industrial design). Even earlier on I thought I wanted to be a teacher, possibly elementary, possibly English.

Every so wisely, I ventured down the path towards being a copywriter. In all reality, I feel like copywriting encompasses so many things I briefly touched on anyway: English major, designer… At some stretch, even account manager (haha).

Lets fast forward to today at 10:15. This is when I realized I had mostly tuned out the account management intern presentation in exchange for writing completely odd sentences in my notebook.

That is when I realized what happened. Account management could be the hot suit at the bar, but all I can think about is the creative crazy I’ve already fallen for. My eyes have become so starry-eyed with the gulps of spontaneous everything that I no amount of free drinks and flirty talk from the suit could pull me away.

And that is why my mom tells me that I should never eat grapes in the field without consulting the goat first.


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