ketchup mix

Every morning I get ready for work. Most evenings I wander to dinner. Some days I wander to softball. Last night I wandered to Bryant Park to watch 39 Steps on a picnic blanket.

Every night I find my way to what a I call my home. In reality it’s like a small hotel room with crappy pillows and a shower that spits out scalding water when toilets occasionally flush in the building.

I absolutely, positively enjoy every single second of it.

Last Sunday Mason turned nine. Although we officially celebrated the weekend before I left Utah, I made sure to mail him a birthday package (so he knows my memory is somewhat useful). While Milo doesn’t seem to be bothered with me being gone, as long as he’s kept occupied with episodes of He-Man and Scooby Doo, Mason can only let a couple days pass between phone calls or iChat sessions.

It makes me feel bad that Mason says he misses me. I’ve tried multiple times to think of activities and summer camps for him to sign up for to stay busier, but he doesn’t seem interested.

I have decided that New Yorkers are not rude. They will absolutely ignore you on the street, and it is possible that you are walking too slow for them down the sidewalk. But honestly, who wants to walk at a tourists pace while running late for work? But most of that’s just because they don’t know you. And learning to ignore everyone helps to ignore the potential weirdos.

On the flip side, I haven’t come into contact with many (if any) male who hasn’t waited for me to exit the elevator first. People I’ve been introduced to through friends give a handshake as we meet, a hug as you say goodbye. And I’ve been walked home to my door, had people walk me to my train station at night, and even had people take a slightly longer route or waited for my train to come first so that I wasn’t on the platform alone.

I’m sure not everyone here is sunshine and happiness, and there are areas I never want to visit, but I think anyone who wants to judge New York needs to visit places that aren’t overrun by tourists and meet people that aren’t being paid to tell them facts about the city.

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