oh how happy would it be

Rummaging through my blog feed today and I found this wonderful little gem.

Possibly more wonderful than the giveaway is the website it comes from. 



So, a few years ago I was really lucky and I got a chance to visit a friend of mine in England. On my list of things to do was a day trip to Paris, seeing as how I don’t get to Europe all that often. The day I flew in there was a fire on the Tube, which my friend informed me was not a big deal, since it’s always running and she was planning for us to go later in the week anyway. Turns out, it was shut down for days. Then when it did open there were only a couple trains running each day and they were not leaving or arriving at any scheduled times. They actually told people not to ride unless it was necessary. So I missed out on the crepes and Louvre visit I’d been hoping for.

I deserve sadness and tears, I know. But either way, I decided I’d love to win a trip there – so I entered. Odds so far are 1 in 12,936. Better than the lottery, right?


One thought on “oh how happy would it be

  1. Oh man, I didn’t know all of that. Hopefully you win! And you could take me – I used to speak french, you know 🙂

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