week one

So here I am, rounding up my first week in New York. It has been exciting and busy. Outside of working, I’ve been spending most of my time with my sister and her boyfriend before she leaves for the summer (on Tuesday). I live in a small studio across town from my work and only a few blocks from the river. It’s nice because there is a path all along the piers that people ride bikes and walk along. I’ve run it once about halfway down Manhattan. As I walked around the city today I decided that all the walking I’m going to be doing these next two months might not be enough to make up for all the restaurants I want to try (not to mention the yummy cupcake place right across from my building).

Besides starting work (which I’m really liking), I haven’t done anything super exciting. Just been busy getting my life organized and figuring a routine out. So far it takes me about 25-30 minutes to walk to work, but there’s also subway or bus options, so this week I’ll be giving those a try. I bought my first unlimited metro card on Friday. Made me feel pretty official. I still walk around in amazement of all that’s going on around me every time I walk down the street. I hear after a while the amazement begins to subside, but I’m really hoping it won’t. I love noticing weird things and feeling explorationish.

And here are a few of my phone pics, because who needs real cameras these days…


I live on the 14th floor, side front corner, the elvis cupcake (banana and pb), and demise of my health, from across the street, work, giant yoga class at bryant park, mr. softee ice cream (that I’ve wanting to try every visit), and one of my favorite places: The Highline.


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