here’s the deal

First I had finals, then I had graduation (which was accompanied by ALL of my siblings), then I bought tickets for a cruise (which I went on five days later), then I packed my entire house, signed the papers, and moved my crap-o-la to my parents basement… Where I currently reside, busying myself with goodbye dinners and lunches, until Sunday when I fly away on a plane to New York.

I have been busy. Spent a lot of time un-sleeping and drinking repeated amounts of caffeine (except of course when I took that nap and got sunburned on the cruise). And by Monday I will hopefully be at a Memorial Day BBQ with my sister and friends. And by Wednesday I start my internship at Hill Holliday (which I am VERY excited about).

And apparently I use parentheses a lot when I’m tired.

Now that you are fully bored, I will tell you my real reason in posting.



Exploding DogΒ has become one of my most favorite things in the whole world. At one point I was contemplating which prints to order for my office. Then I decided to move to an undecided location and figured it’s better if I wait to know what kind of wall (or office divider) I’ll be hanging them on.

The concept is this: you send Sam a line, he illustrates it.

They are simple and crazy and I love them all to death. I feel like you can find one for anything you’re in the mood for. And even though I really, really liked all the robots he used to put in the illustrations, I’m begining to find a place in my heart for the monster that has been popping up.


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