the junk drawer

For those of you who don’t know, I really don’t like junk. Kids, they seem to like junk. To combat this problem Mason and Milo have each had a designated drawer upstairs for anything I wish they’d throw away, but they deem as valuable.

Last Friday the final cleanout for the junk drawers (yes, that’s what the boys refer to them as also) happened. As I looked through Milo’s I realized his mess was too funny not to remember… The drawers were jam packed, but here are a few of the items I found:


a broken bunny straw, Valentine’s candy, containers from eaten candy, noise putty, 3 flashlights, a used straw, a dot-to-dot book, a new pack of gum, sea shells, “student of the month” ribbon, lids from the individual mac and cheese containers, Redvine packages (because they have illustrations on the inside), random happy meal toys, and Hot Wheels cars.


Legos, $40 in bills (spread out all over), homework that never got turned in, 3 yo-yos, 5 extra yo-yo strings, science experiment books, a pinewood derby car, candy wrappers (even though the trash can is right next to his drawer), a sticky hand, a rubber snake, a “telephone” made from paper cups and string, and a bag of lead pieces that he had been collecting from no. 2 pencils.

Next place we live, they’re going to get smaller drawers…


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