my thoughts exactly


I absolutely love this photo. Not only is it simple and amazing, I feel like it can encompass my feelings on life. I sometimes have the random urge to do cartwheels, and quite frequently I follow through. And maybe I’m reading way too much into this one photograph, but it works for me…

It’s like those times when you just want to run through sprinklers and think about nothing but happiness. Then sometimes life seems like it flips you around. But you just gotta hold on. Because hanging there looks like an adventure, and adventures are never dull.

PS, this photo is from Sonya Kozlova, and there are plenty more fantastic mr. fox pictures on her website. Oh, and she’s 18.


One thought on “my thoughts exactly

  1. So, I haven’t been ignoring your blog, but when you switched to Posterous I could no longer comment when I was at work (let’s just say that’s where I do all my blog reading) – I don’t know if it was a firewall or what. But I decided to try again today and I COULD. So, now I’ll be back to commenting.

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