birthday wishes

Last Wednesday was my birthday. I was on campus from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm, then I went home and worked on a final presentation for my capstone class that is happening tomorrow. The bad news is that pretty much encompassed my birthday and my birthday weekend. The good news is, life’s birthday present to me was attending my offical last days of campus class EVER (because, yes, I don’t plan on forging on for a master’s degree).

I am also very happy about how our campaign is going, and excited to present all the ideas and hard work that has gone on over this sememster to get here. And with last days of class come finals, after finals comes walking across the stage in my cap and gown, then off to New York for my internship! This is like one of those Nationwide, Life Comes At You Fast, commercials.

Some days I can’t decide how excited I am for what is to come. I know people say there’s this feeling of uneasiness in graduation… Going off into the real world where nothing is as certain, and education isn’t a good excuse for unemployment anymore. I’m a little worried that I’m being too positive or naive about my life, because I haven’t come to those thoughts yet. I still feel like life is an adventure, and graduating just gives me the chance to leap into my next uncertain abyss. And there’s no reason to believe it will be easy, but there’s also no reason to believe I won’t enjoy whatever comes my way and be better from it.

So, goodbye students who love to parallel park in two spots at a time, goodbye comfortable campus where people leave their laptops unattended in public, and hello random future moments of life I have yet to discover.


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