rock climbing

For my final project at school I went scouting high school weight rooms for a commercial shoot. In the empty weight room I couldn’t hold back… I had to check how my pullups were doing. And then I moved on to the bench. I realized how much I miss my Crossfit workouts. But in reality I remind myself how much time I don’t have and how it wasn’t working for me to go anymore.

Saturday I comforted myself by trying rock climbing for the first time. I have a professor who takes his kids, and a friend who talks about how great it is, so I figured maybe it’s a way I can be active with my kids. It was great. Both the boys started out excited, but became a little hesitant once they got climbing up higher. Luckily Mason’s competitive spirit took over and got him to the top and over his fear of the height.

And I feel rather accomplished myself, although I know I have quite a ways to go in the climbing world. And I’ve been debating all week how I can justify another visit in the midst of my finals.

Maybe for this week I’ll just have to resort to working out in between commercial takes.


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