let’s try it again.

In two weeks I will be a college grad, off to an internship, and fighting to find a job. In three weeks I will no longer be a home owner. The other day I realized I’m living my early twenties all over again, except this time I have two kids and I’m clearly not twenty. Not that I’m entirely depressed about it, I do realize all that I’ve done and that I’m continually moving forward with life. It’s just that all the facts point to me taking a second loop around what I thought I had already been through.

Sometimes I want to say, “I’m too old for all this young people stuff.” ha.

Speaking of being too old, I don’t want my birthday this year. If I have to live life like a twenty something, I think my year count should be kind enough to reflect that.


One thought on “let’s try it again.

  1. You’re not 20 but you look like you are 20. That counts for something, right?Plus, you have a wicked awesome New York internship. Something I did not accomplish in 8 years of school.I hope finals are almost done – you are going to be a graduate!

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