no lifeguard

I will admit, I do my share of blog following. And many times that’s where I make my great finds. Today I found this picture.


Instant attraction. Of course, I like the idea behind the entire series and I got lost staring at each of the photographs for some time. But I looked at this photo and couldn’t stop wondering. Knowing the upkeep of a rarely used pool, I somewhat understand the reasoning behind the abandoned ones. But this one is so different. It wasn’t abandonded, it wasn’t left to dry up, and it wasn’t just filled in. That grass is green and cut. Like even though the motel owners understood no one cared for their pool, they couldn’t let it completely go. Or maybe they felt bad taking away the pool from those few traveling families who needed a couple hours to relax, so they decided grass could supply that need for nature. I guess it doesn’t matter what the reason is, just that something different went through someone’s mind…and that it resulted in this fabulous picture.

The artist, J Bennet Fitts, has a few other photography series on his site for your pleasure as well. There is something about his ability to make desolate places so beautiful…I love it.


I’ve also been listening to The Head and the Heart every day. Maybe I’m just in the mood.


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