the m&m that could

Last semester I took a commercial production class. It was a great experience. As a team of writers and AD’s we picked a product, thought up a concept and met with directors from the film school. Luckily our first pick for director also pick us as his first pick to film.

The aspect of being totally student done, and on a VERY tight budget, gave us all the opportunity to be part of every single aspect. I purchased and painted props, bought craft (learned that craft meant food for the set), watched auditions, scrounged for locations, held lighting on set, called take numbers for filming, helped the actor do makeup, ran last minute errands for filming, became an actor for a scene (smartly, I was cut out at editing), sat in on editing, and managed the budget.

Our final cut was crazy and wonderful, but at some moments during editing I wondered if it was only so great because I knew the inside jokes. I had laughed through every moment behind the scenes, knew about takes we didn’t show, and enjoyed the director’s intensely random nature. Maybe people who didn’t experience the semester of putting it together wouldn’t actually get it.

Last night the commercial won gold at the Utah Addy Awards. I was so excited I couldn’t even let out the scream I wanted to. Apparently the random of the commercial does speak for itself. I was proud of all we put into producing this commercial before, but last night it reached that extra level of… Happiness.


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