in ny for aaf

Two weeks ago I counted myself a lucky girl. I boarded a red eye to New York, where I met up with five other students from my school for AAF’s Most Promising Minority events. Buying my ticket and planning my stay I really didn’t have any idea what to expect, but I never pass on a good reason to visit New York or learn about advertising. It turned out to be three crazy full days of learning, listening, and talking to some really great minds in advertising.

I am still getting over the amazement of everything that I was immersed in. On the second day I was sitting in a room and I realized I was one of about 60 students from across the country. Honestly, how did I get so lucky to be there? I have no idea.

Every day I felt like I was learning some new bit of information I wanted to commit to memory and share with everyone I know. Figure out your brand, be nice, pace yourself, find somewhere you fit, take any job but don’t take any job, work hard, always be ready, listen, find a mentor… I know there’s more, I’d just have to check my little notebook again. Out of everything, one of the greatest things I re-learned was how much I just love advertising. There is honestly nothing about it (minus the long hours I keep hearing about) that turns me off. And even with the long hours, I still say “bring it on.” Because advertising, I love you.


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