star struck

Yesterday I sat in a room with about 20 other students and listened to Brent Anderson tell us how to create great ads. I looked at him, standing opposite the conference room, and suddenly felt star-struck. In that moment I came to the realization that although most people have no clue who Brent Anderson is, I would honestly gush over his autograph in my little idea notebook and a picture with him would make Facebook in a heartbeat.

Brent Anderson is the creative director for Gatorade. He is responsible for Gatorade Replay. Gatorade Replay has not only won a million and a half awards – it is what I think most ads aspire to be. It is definitely where I hope my ads will be one day. And he did the “7 days in a Sentra” thing. Also awesome.
But it’s not just Brent Anderson.
Last month Jason Bagley came to meet with us. Jason Bagley’s most recent work is Old Spice. Who doesn’t know the Old Spice ads? He was also amazing – his work, his creative process, his comments…another advertising star.
But what I realized after Jason Bagley’s visit is that no one outside my program seems to care quite as much. I would tell people I got to meet with him, listen to his “H.A.P.P.Y.” approach to advertising, pitch my humble ad campaign to him for critique…I was breathing his air! All I got for responses were nods and “oh, that’s cool.” I think the weather change was given more notice.
The thing is, although yesterday made me realize what a complete advertising nerd I’m becoming it also reminded me how much I love what I do.
So bring it on long hours and uncertain future – at least I’ll enjoy the ride!
(and for the copywriter who wrote the G2 Everyday Athlete ads, you are my writing hero.)

One thought on “star struck

  1. I think that’s cool you love it so much. <br/><br/>I feel that way about counseling. I could talk about all the stuff I think is so cool about counseling for hours and hours. But no one else "gets it." Even with my co-workers, there is only one other therapist here who has the same passion for it that I do. Too bad all my counseling "heros" are dead :)<br/><br/>(And seriously, be happy you love it so much. I’ve found not a lot of people LOVE what they do. So, congrats!)

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