light the night

Tomorrow I’m participating in Light the Night. I can honestly say I’ve never walked or ran in a register, organized thing like this. Seems weird I think. I’ve helped out in a few, but I’ve never been a registered participant. So I registered. Or better said, Missie registered everyone as a team. Then she told me that anyone who raises $100 will get a t-shirt and a balloon for the walk.

Then I had an even better thought.
Although I agree that raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a great cause, I connect much stronger with more personal things.

So instead of the $100 I was going to put toward the walk, I figured Clint and Amy could use it more right now. Although I’ve never actually met them, they are very good friends with neighbors of mine. But it’s more of who they are that has drawn me to them. Clint and Amy have three boys, live in Utah County, and are currently dealing with Clint’s Leukemia. More than that, Clint owned his own business before being diagnosed, they talk about their coordinator LaDee, TPN and what it’s like to be bored in a hospital room all day. Amy has even given their blog the title “me and my boys” – exactly like mine!

Anyway, and more importantly, I just kind-of know what it’s like to be in that position and it makes me want to help. So while I had this great plan to raise money for the society, I’d really like to just help the Jeppersons.
And if you want to see their blog, just click here. Or to help their family, click here.

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