Holy video posts batman! I know, it’s another thing to press play on…but I just had to laugh when I saw it. In my program everyone jokes about how we just always wait until the deadline to do anything. I was reading the book Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, and the author talked about how his creative process goes something like this: stare at the bottom of your partner’s shoes across the desk, write an idea down, throw it away…take off early and see a movie…There was more to it, but the final steps are realizing the deadline is coming, having the idea hits and getting it all done in time. Anyway, I’m trying not to be that procrastinator, but in reality it seems I have so much going on that it just takes that deadline to push the completion sometimes. Here’s to getting that white paper filled one day…

Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.


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