guess who’s back… on the crazy track.

Last week I was in my front yard and I thought to water the plants on my porch. Halfway through watering them I realized they were all completely dead with no chance of revival. Such is my life lately. I went to work on Monday and my boss asked how my life is going. My answer: I’m in a creative slump, I feel stressed about school and getting an internship next summer, and I have a bruise on my rib cage. All in all, I think I feel so overwhelmed about everything I have to do that I can’t even think to do it. I sort of feel like at any moment a strong wind is going to blow the house of cards I’m balancing – and everything will come crashing down.

So I bought new plants for my porch (with a commitment to water them before they start to turn brown), I scheduled a meeting with my partner for our school project, and I began the first step to watching adobe tutorials.
Deep breath.

3 thoughts on “guess who’s back… on the crazy track.

  1. Trying to play that balance act gets exhausting. You'll handle it (cause you always do), but I hope it things smooth out a bit.And where did you get the bruise??

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