the crazy 8

So this is the post where I talk all about how great Mason is since he just had a birthday. Don’t get me wrong, Mason is a super kid in my eyes. I’ve always said how he was so meant to be the older brother – he’s responsible, helpful, can do pretty much anything on his own…but in an attempt to keep this post somewhat interesting to people besides myself and his grandparents I’m going to list eight recent events in Mason’s life. (My creative writing professor said I need to work on using concrete images over abstract ones anyway, so here you go Professor Nielsen…)

-At around 8:45pm on Thursday Mason asked if I had gotten him a cake for his birthday the next day. Since my answer was no (possibly followed by a swear word in my head) we made our way to Wal-Mart where he picked out a pre-made golf cake. Nothing to do with his party theme, but that’s what he wanted. Memory from his dad, randomness from his mom.

-Mason was baptized on his birthday with two of his cousins. I decided it was a good day to buy him his first “real” tie. He picked out a pink, gray and black tie. Pimpin’ style already.

-One morning he told me he’s trying to be really nice to Milo since he’s baptized now. The next day he somehow convinced Milo to help him clean his room. Now that’s a salesman.

-His big birthday wish was for a skateboard rail. Watch out Shawn White.

-He’s got the goofiest half-grown-in front teeth smile.

-Everything I tell him to do has to be followed by a “Why?” – although deep down I am proud of his logical side, at surface level I’m not too excited for the teenage years.

-He asked multiple times for an airsoft gun for his birthday, begged for a sling shot at the arts festival, and came home with a pocket knife from scout camp. Don’t worry, I’m fully prepared for future trips to the ER.

-His favorite songs right now are Strawberry Fields (Beatles) and Someone Great (LCD Soundsystem); and last year he picked out a song that’s “our song.”

So there you go – Mase face, Daxman, Mase-o…Happy Eighth Birthday – and thanks for reminding me I’m getting old.


2 thoughts on “the crazy 8

  1. Cute Mason. Seriously, wasn't I just visiting you at the hospital when he was born???And he will be a teenager in 5 years. That makes ME feel old.But anyway, this post was great. I do love your writing. I love the way you describe your kids.Hope he had a happy day!

  2. Happy late Birthday to Mason!! I hope he had a great day and got what he wanted. The teenage years are scary I only have 1.5 years left until Kait is officially a teenager, but the world revolves around me attitude has already started. Lord help us!!

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