all I see is sunshine

I have no earthly idea why, but I feel less stressed out and overwhelmed than I normally do – yet I have more on my plate than I felt I did earlier this year. I figured this sort of miracle doesn’t happen every day, so I ought to blog about it – cause everyone knows once it has been blogged about, it’s out there for-ev-er. And because next week I’ll probably go back to feeling like I’m caught in a mind tornado again, and when that happens I’ll need a look back at the good times in my life.

Randomly switching topics, I am taking a creative writing class at school to help expand my horizons on the vast Word Frontier. It has made me re-realize how much I really enjoy writing when it’s not for something boring, like a case law analysis or an econ review. I have even written poems for no reason except that the mood just strikes. Weird, I know.

And to switch topics yet again:

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford

This quote made me realize that I say I’m going to do a lot of things. Not that I’m being hypocritical – it’s just that a lot of the things I’d like to do are coming as my education progresses or as I develop better habits in life. This quote made me remember something one of my professors told us the other day – he said our efforts and work ethic now will be projected on how we are in the future.

So maybe I can’t do everything I have planned today, but if there’s something I’m “going to do” later, I better be working my hardest now to get there.


2 thoughts on “all I see is sunshine

  1. You’re a very good writer, Emily. I like the notion of a “mind tornado”.I’m sure that one day you’ll do all those things you have planned today. Patience pays.

  2. Funny thing about that quote, I use that all the time with the substance abuse group I facilitate. In fact, I am making them write a journal entry on it tonight :)I like that quote – it reminds me not to procrastinate sometimes. Although, I still tend to do that way too much.And also, I am glad that you have less stress. I'm sure it will be even LESS when you see me for breakfast on Friday.

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