I have a pair of rain boots. I like to refer to them as my wellers because I like the word wellers better, and I think my boots are not just any pair of rain boots. A couple years ago I saw these boots on a girl at a bowling alley. I never asked her about them, but I couldn’t get them off my mind – so I searched the internet until I found the brand, and then somewhere that sold them. These are my boots:
Today, while about to wash my hands in the sink at school I looked down and saw this:
Yep, my super awesome keep the rain out shoes are now completely worthless. I don’t even know when or how this happened, but I’m very upset. So, in an effort to find happiness on this bleak shoe day, I decided to look around online with some hope that I could find a new pair to replace them. What I found, although disheartening to my purchasing wants, has managed to cheer me up slightly….
I wasn’t quite sure how to react to these, but I am curious who would ever wear them.

And if leopard print cowboy rain boots are a little too fancy for you, there is always the more casual option:




4 thoughts on “wellers

  1. Holy COW…I think your black (and broken) rain boots are the cutest things I have probably ever seen. I would have thrown an adult size tantrum right then and there when I saw them busted. I hope you find some GOOD replacements.

  2. That's so sad. It's horrible when a favorite clothing/shoe item is ruined.And those other boots are freaking RIDICULOUS. Although I secretly love the idea of leopard print rain boots, but not cowboy rain boots!

  3. i'm glad i don't live with lots of rain. but i might need a pair of those next winter. 😦 i've been searching high and low for a new pair of knee high boots. no luck. wore my favs for 8 yrs and they're just trashed. wish someone could recreate them for me.

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