remember how cool I am?

And how I have two blogs? Well, I do.

And today I realized that I never actually blogged about the most exciting news in my life lately: I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE A COPYWRITER! I stressed, I didn’t sleep, I got upset, wanted to give up, stressed some more, and readied myself for a let down.

Then the day came; the list was going to be posted. By 1:00 I had to leave campus to be home in time for Mason, and there was no list up yet. I was going crazy. I mean CRAZY! So I go home, all the while trying to decide what to do when the list goes up. Then at around 4:00 I start getting texts telling me it’s posted. Why oh why couldn’t I be there to look at it?! Why do I live so far away from campus?! What am I to do?!!!

Then the decision was made for me (oh how I love when that happens) – someone decided to just call and tell me. Of course, not without having a little fun with the fact that I was boiling over with anxiety. I was in! I screamed. Honestly screamed, multiple times. The person on the other end of the phone may or may not have laughed at me.

Anyway, now it means I’ll be taking classes and working on projects more tailored to me as a copywriter and creative-brained individual.

AND…I posted parts of my portfolio on my other blog, if you’d like some visual.


2 thoughts on “remember how cool I am?

  1. I haven't been on your blog for a while – like the updated look!And congrats on being a copywriter!!!! YOu are going to be so great at it.

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