i am a copywriter

A little over a year and a half ago, when I made the decision to return to school for my degree, I knew for sure I wanted to do something in the advertising realm. At the time, my naive self thought that advertising automatically equalled graphic designer. So I applied for a graphic design program. Having no art classes of any sort since high school (and not much practice since then), it was no surprise that I wasn’t one of the students picked.
From there, I started the application process for what I believed to be my runner-up choice: the advertising sequence in the communications department. Every day of my first advertising class I felt wide-eyed and excited. I actually enjoyed learning what a textbook had to say. In the fall I applied and was accepted into their program. I was ecstatic. I remember thinking how glad I was that the graphic design program had told me no. THIS was what I really wanted.
Within the advertising program there is a small group referred to as the creatives. To be in this group there is a second application process, which consists of a portfolio of advertising work, and a choice between copywriter and art director. If you would have asked me beginning of fall there was no question I wanted to apply, and be an art director. Towards the middle of fall, I wasn’t so sure what I wanted (to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what either entailed – art director just sounded more exciting).
There were a few things that happened between that time and application time, but basically I realized that not only do I love to write (and always have), other people actually like what I write too. It was settled. I wanted to be a copywriter.
And a few weeks ago I became a creative. Sounds so simple now, but to get there I worked on a portfolio I thought was going to bring the end of my sanity. I never knew I could love and passionately detest something at the same time until then.
So, although we were all told our portfolios would all be rejected by real agencies (that’s what school’s for, right?), I figure I’d share a little of mine anyway. It is my first one, so it’ll always be special to me. My focus was really on the words, so here’s a lot of the writing I put in it. This is about half of the pages – so just know that my greatness exceeds what you see here…

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