happy shmappy

So today I officially got one year closer to the dreaded three zero.
For my birthday, I dealt with rain and hail (when there should be sunshine and birds singing – don’t they know what day it is?), the stress of finals starting… AND to top it all off, my car battery died and my car wouldn’t start when I left campus. Plus did I mention I’ve been stressed with school? I feel emotionally drained, and I didn’t even want to celebrate my birthday yesterday.
Then today I opened my google reader to find a new post by my pal, Amanda. I noticed the post was titled This is Emily, but I figured it was probably something about her cousin Emily. It wasn’t. It is an entire post all about me! I was shocked, somewhat embarrassed, and super flattered that I got a post all about me for my birthday. And I laughed at all the pictures she used.
To add to that, my mom brought me desserts from Dipidee (I may have eaten one of the cupcakes before I took the picture) and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law got me my most favorite sugar cookies in the whole wide world (from Smart Cookie).
And, best of all, Mason gave me a present he put together and wrapped all on his own. No offense to the other gifts and thoughtful wishes today, but this was by far my most favorite one.
He said he picked the pink box of nerds because he figured I’d like that color better than the blue box, and the soccer ball bead is to remind me of him since he plays soccer. He had everything wrapped up in a sheet of his $50 note paper.
So, maybe I’m getting older (and not really feeling any wiser), and maybe I’m still super crazy-brained about life right now – but it turns out, I am easily coddled by sugary treats and random presents from 7 year olds.
Happy birthday!

7 thoughts on “happy shmappy

  1. Happy Birthday! I think the best part of Mason's present may be the sea shell or possibly the popper! What a thoughtful little man! Ummm…those cupcakes & cookies look AMAZING. I almost tried to eat my computer πŸ™‚ Good luck with the craziness of finals. I get a pit in my stomach just thinking about making that long walk to the testing center.

  2. I had been wanting to do a post about you for a while, so I decided your birthday was the perfect time to do it!But I think I have lost most of my pictures from when we were younger – I couldn't find them anywhere! I was rather depressed about it.I thought about posting all of your dance pictures – cause I still have a stack of those little individual ones we used to give each other, but I decided against it.I've never even heard of Dipidee, but those look awesome!Sorry about finals. I don't like celebrating my birthday much anyway, and at the end of the semester would make it even worse.Good luck!

  3. I thought 30 would be bad, but it actually was a great year. Turning 31 is when you really start to feel like you're in your 30's. When reality that you're getting older sets in. Don't worry, you've still got a couple years to go before hitting 30!

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