I haven’t been so good at the blogging thing. Well, I just feel like my life is pretty same old lately. But to keep up interest on this here page, here’s a few random moments from my life:

Last Saturday while Milo was eating Cheetos and chattering away (which he is ALWAYS doing), he suddenly started crying. Like, hold your breath for a few seconds because the pain is that bad, cry. Turns out Milo bit his own finger while eating Cheetos. Yep, chalk one up for the stories I’m retelling to any future girlfriend.

I realized that I have too many decision in life, and I really wish there was a service provided that could make some of them for me.

And I really, REALLY, with all my heart and soul, hate the word juxtapose. I so hope people in the ad world stop thinking it’s a useful description for creative things before I get there.


3 thoughts on “cheetos

  1. My kids bite their fingers all the time while they are eating and start crying. It is one thing I just have not figured out yet, but it's nice to know not only my kids do that. I was starting to wonder:)

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