In my class we’ve been working on some other types of advertising like radio and TV, so there hasn’t been anything visually exciting to share lately. Then last week my teacher decided we had some time before starting our final projects for the semester so he had us do a campaign of three print ads for whatever we wanted.

I decided to choose shampoo/hair products just because I feel like that type of product doesn’t venture much from the cliche idea of pretty girl with shiny long hair. My original ideas turned into the insight that many of the products often offer the same thing, so what makes one brand better than the other is more the feel it gives you using it. I tried to convey this thought in a few different ways, but in the end (and after some help from others) I decided on these three:




One thought on “redken

  1. i like these. especially the last one, it made me laugh. i think they would be great in a magazine. they’d catch people’s attention because you wouldn’t be expecting them.

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