because my mind is drawn to crazy

I decided to start a new blog. I’m not going to stop posting on this one. But this semester I’ve started my advertising classes, and I’ve been getting into ads and finding creative stuff online. So instead of forcing all of you to look at the things I’ve found or the assignments I’m working on – I’ll only force those of you who would like to be subjected to such torture and randomness.

If you’d like a small window to my madness, CLICK HERE. And I’d love to hear what you think about projects I’m working on – you can even leave it anonymous so I don’t know who it is that hates my stuff.

One thought on “because my mind is drawn to crazy

  1. Hey Emily. I went to your new blog and tried to type in the answer "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" and it would only show the security word but not the box to type it in???? Very weird.. but I was proud of myself I had figured it out!! πŸ™‚

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